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Vitalizing Eye Cream (0.5 oz.)

Vitalizing Eye Cream (0.5 oz.)


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A lightweight moisturizing eye cream that addresses dark circles and puffiness with a Power Peptide that mimics the action of Royalactin- the peptide found in Royal Jelly produced by honeybees for the Queen Bee.

Vitalizing Eye Cream helps to instantly give the complexion a smoother looking appearance and an optical softening effect. 

Skin Types:  Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Oily, Combination, Acne Prone, Mature

How to Use:  Pat and smooth a small amount under the eye and on the brow bone morning and evening

Key Ingredients:
• Power Peptide: Helps skin’s natural rejuvenation process, and helps combat against environmental factors. 
• Energy Plus Complex: Active ingredient complex of ATP, Align & Papaya Extract. Helps to stimulate skin’s natural renewal process, while regulating moisture levels in the skin. 
• Shea Butter: Helps to thoroughly moisturizes and supports the skin’s natural protective barrier.

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