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Skinovage PX Calming Sensitive Intense Calming Cream (1.75 oz.)

Skinovage PX Calming Sensitive Intense Calming Cream (1.75 oz.)


  • $82.00

Very rich, intensively calming cream for stressed, sensitive skin. This cream can be used as a 24-hour cream or as a night cream in combination with Daily Calming Cream.  

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Sensitive, Mature

How to Use: Apply to clean, dry skin morning and night

Active Ingredients:

• Alpine stem cells: DNA protection, preventative protection against
  light-induced skin aging
• OsmoTec: Catalyst, optimizes the processing of active ingredients in the cells
• Alpha Bisabolol + ginger: Calms the skin
• Indian bread+common reed: Reestablishes the skin's natural barrier
• Vitamin E: Protects against free radicals
• Panthenol: Providess moisture
• Allantoin: Calms the skin
• Squalane: Strengthens the skin's natural barriers
• Beeswax: Slows down the absorption of active ingredients, minimizes reactions
  to sensory overloads
• Almond oil: Makes the skin supple, reduces feelings of tightness

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