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Luxury Lip Gloss (0.21 oz.)

Luxury Lip Gloss (0.21 oz.)

A Room of Her Own Cosmetics

  • $18.50

   Nude        Skinny           Pale                   
  Nature         Dip             Petal                                  
-toasted     -golden      -light, cool       
   rose          apricot           pink                      

Newberry     Ice Wine        Spiced Apple
  -pink         -toasted            -toasted

   plum       deep berry             red

Multi-tasking, featherweight lip gloss formula with long lasting hydration and superior shine. Conditioning and hydrating with polymer technology to resist rub-off for extended gloss wear. Sheer, creamy and smooth to make vertical lip lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Great choice for the mature woman looking for a soft, enhancing lip color. 

What's inside: The natural benefit of healing Aloe and soothing Silica, which is a natural mineral, smoothing and texturizing the lips. Combined with Moroccan Grown Argan Oil, Castor Seed and Soybean Oil for Vitamin E richness and essential fatty acids for conditioning and hydration. Vitamin C and E provide antioxidant protection with moisturizing benefits.

How to Use: Apply directly onto center of lips, blending outwards. For more coverage, apply additional coats or apply over lipstick for a fuller-looking lip. 


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