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RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (3.0ML - 4 month supply)

RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner (3.0ML - 4 month supply)


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Time for luxurious brows with physician-developed RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner. When applied daily on a clean brow, you should see fuller, thicker-looking brows within 4 to 8 weeks. RevitaBrow Advanced defines the drama of your eyes and enhances the beauty of your natural brows. 

How to Use: 

Directions: Once a day, apply several short strokes of RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner to clean, dry eyebrow hair, using the specially designed eyebrow applicator.  Let dry completely (2-3 minutes) before applying additional beauty products or going to sleep.

Caution: Do not get in eye. Rinse immediately with water if eye contact occurs. Do not use on damaged or irritated skin, if pregnant or nursing or undergoing treatment for glaucoma or cancer. Not recommended if you have a facial skin condition. If redness, irritation or other unwanted effects occur, stop using product immediately. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention. This cosmetic product contains a small amount of an ingredient classified as a prostaglandin analogue. When applied as directed, RevitaBrow® Advanced should not get into the eyes, and therefore, should not have any effect on your eyes.  A very small percentage of users reported sensitivity including temporary redness, swelling, itching, bumps, and burning sensation on the eyebrows. Even fewer users reported darkening of the skin at the eyebrows.  It is not known whether RevitaBrow Advanced or some other factor caused the reported reactions, or some other factor.  If this is a concern, do not use. Keep out of reach of children.  

Using the provided applicator, apply a single layer to clean, dry brows. Allow to completely dry before applying additional beauty products

RevitaBrow® Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner should not affect permanent or semi-permanent makeup. Apply only after complete healing of permanent or semi-permanent makeup has occurred.

Ingredients: Aqua/Water/Eau, Disodium Phosphate, Glycerin, Biotin, Cellulose Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Phosphoric Acid, Dechloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide (a prostaglandin analogue), Butylene Glycol, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Panax Ginseng Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Extract, Camellia Oleifera Extract, Triticum Vulgare Germ Protein, Pentylene Glycol, Swertia Japonica Extract, Biotinoyl, Tripeptide-1, Octapeptide-2.

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